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DIY movable stereogram by dustbin

Source: Author: Time:2008-11-26

raw materials: lithium battery 24 from the notebook battery waste removed to buy a single 25 / stars 0 RMB per session 3.7V2AH 3 Series 4 and 12 a group of a total of 2 group backup minds are at ease can also use lead-acid battery 12V7AH is too heavy a 5 kg
protection circuit board is also a laptop battery with a 0 RMB must prevent over-discharge lithium batteries do not overcharge
Amplifier 50W 60 per
speakers I picked the sound quality good and some are cheap but to little avail treble bass is not strong split 220 per
smart charger must be smart lithium-off charge of 80 yuan would explode
Trash a color choice I like Winnie the Finn Vine's Hello Kitty's also good cost of 8 yuan
Total: 60 +220 +80 +8 = 368 with a tool attachment mess no more than 400

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