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DIY Machine

DIY portable hand-cranked generator

Source: Author: Time:2008-12-29
Commercially available hand-cranked generator simply be summed up in two, one is military, the use of cast aluminum shell approach is very strong heavy. All I have is both are dedicated shelves, and people sitting on the shelf, as well as a dedicated protection belt, all add up to an estimated 10 kg or more. The other is for civilian use, with applications (usually flashlight or cell phone charger) is different, there are hand-held, hand-style, hand-Akira-style, etc., and their size is very small, but power is also tiny. In the middle range (power is about 10W) is available on the market for hand generators can not see.

The generator power is about 10W, the original intention is to make most people can use things that do a good job later discovered, it is more to this not suitable for me, but for specific groups (Takeo) do The. But now do not want change, and, after all, to improve the inherent quality of the most important, the hard training the body to strive for five years after the initial Takeo into the ranks of the lingua franca of the Dongdong.

main materials are purchased in Taobao, including the gear motor, plastic sealed box, DC-DC modules, lithium batteries, lithium power protection circuit, voltage meter, adjustable voltage regulator circuit boards. Specific parameters are as follows:

(1) gear motor: rated voltage of 24V, the measured speed of 90 rev / min or so. Of the crank with a longer, when measured at 16V output current of about 1A (motor will not burn), there have been shaking out the 2A peak record.

(b) of the sealing box: 120 × 120 × 90 mm.

(3) Lithium Battery: 4 26650 string, capacity 2.8AH around.

(4) lithium battery protection circuit: a single-limit voltage: 4.3v ± 0.05V, single-limit voltage: 2.5V ± 0.05V, maximum operating current: 8A, maximum instantaneous current: 12A, size of : 45 × 15 × 5mm.

(5) voltmeter: Measuring Voltage 0-20V, Operating voltage :2.5-7v (optional header for the 7805 power supply), working current: <5mA, Overall dimensions: 48 × ; 29 × 18.5 mm, accuracy: ± 0.2%.

(6) DC-DC modules: step-down circuit, size, 44 × 22 × 7.2 mm, enter the 4-26V (finished product is a 16V input filter capacitor, and in need of replacement), the output voltage can be Any adjustment based on the demand (the output is always lower than the input 1.55V), the largest current 3A, routine use of recommended 2A, the efficiency of 94% -96% (an estimated moisture, pressure is large can not be so high), the output with a short-circuit protection. Circuit quiescent current is 5MA, the circuit 7 feet to enable the terminal, when the enable terminal is low, when the circuit consumes static 6UA.

(7) small crank: about 60 mm, hand-wound on the device removed come.

(8) switches and other small parts: local self-purchase. Thick wire is 200 core silver speaker cable, the Model cars with small silicone rubber insulated conductor.

(9) Disadvantages: 1, not waterproof. 2, in the output voltage is less than 2.5V, the voltage meter can not measure. 3, no balance charging function, battery charging several times after release easily lead to inconsistent characteristics. 4, the weight is not light, there is no scale at home, but do not expect less than 1 kilogram. 5, the voltage table less a switch, the battery charging and discharging process, the voltage meter is open, according to the most unfavorable 10V voltage drop considerations, there will be 0.05W power dissipation. 6, gear motor with noise, shaking up and hum of the ring.

(10) for the weak man when improvements: 1, longer crank. 2, so-called shell upload four holes with the "ear", with tent pegs fixed to the ground shake.

(11) applies to the field: When walking the road one day, we all flew around when tired, there are always some lively of Takeo, abundant physical nowhere to vent, then need a This hand generators, but stuck to it, and enjoy the rocking bar.

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