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DIY Machine

DIY PSP link by logitech M2 base

Source: Author: Time:2008-12-21

Now hands-on, first disassemble the base, it is easy to unload the bottom six screws, you see this, and which increase the quality of the two can be removed quickly with the iron, because wait for the next lot of things which should be added, not removed no place ah. Iron bracket shell to see the other side of a gap through it? That is because I use art knife, because the headphones plug to be adopted here, or on a Dangzhao.

Prepare a headphone extension cable, 1M're OK, too long to wait for the next no place to put, but too short, you can not find, this in itself is the extension cords, plugs apart, Wang Dan if L head. USB, the first a mother, you can buy a USB extension cable cut mother of your head, but most of the way the head is too large will not fit in at the end of ride, so we picked up the art of cutting knife gorgeous bar. USB where the general four-line, where as long as M2 is used to supply, so long as to retain black, and red of the two lines on the OK.

Dug 2 hole in the shell, a fixed-line parent headset head, a fixed USB master head, Daogong better point it is only beautiful ah. And then were fixed with hot glue stick and then the USB-power plugs on the line that corresponds to the red and black connected to the OK, and where necessary to wait for iron.

Well now it is almost the last row off the assembly line again because in fact, interior space is very small, exclusive line of difficulties. Line up after the completion of the placement of screws.


M2 connected later, is one such, and very convenient and aesthetic ah ah.

PSP really equipped with the base.

Now this super-cozy and sensual with the whole, the audio-visual system is placed in my bed, though he can not really compare the family-level audio-visual systems, but its compact convenience and mobility than any other system can match . Brought to sleep listening to two songs, watch a segment of MTV, is really intended to leisure, but also give you the pleasure of DIY is that you simply do not buy a product can give you.

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