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DIY Machine

DIY simple film studio

Source: Author: Time:2008-08-19
Full-KT board a (PS: KT board is a kind of foam board, the main users of advertising display panels, etc., Xiao Bian seems to be more than 10 yuan previously bought a big one.)
Tracing a full -
Tape roll
Scissors 1
Pin number
You want as a background paper for any kind of a (preferably open four or more)

This calculate material will not exceed 50, should be more than commercially available to any one of the studio cheap bar


1. Should first KT board is divided into three equal portions

2. Then KT boards and tied up two dual-tape (remember not to, and too Long, to leave some space around 0.5mm)

3. And then shaping the three KT board pressed into "N" shape, and then crushed, we should pay attention not to let the tape did not stick well

This was done even

Let's take a look at using the method of

One. Finished goods look like

2. This is my so-called N-shaped, made this because I think this is a good admission

3. "|_|" Turn back on the desk-shaped

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