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DIY Machine


Source: Author: Time:2008-08-13
Here SX1 how useful GPS positioning and navigation, is divided into three parts: hardware, software, articles and applications articles articles.


                                                Hardware articles

Bluetooth GPS on the market can be used in the SX1 on, mr7 recommend the GR236 this HOLUX Bluetooth GPS, which is built by Shifu three generations of chips, high sensitivity and fast satellite search and compatibility.

1. Mr7 Bluetooth GPS is made of semi-finished DIY motherboard needs to add its own lithium battery and welding antenna. Its fun lies in the process learned a lot of DIY knowledge about GPS and the electronic circuit principle.


2. Welding should pay attention to the antenna, GPS antenna, the core wire soldered to the circuit board of the RF contacts, while the core line of metal shield is soldered to the circuit board of the public to GND, the main no mistake.

3. Welding, No. antennas can be connected to the lithium batteries, mainly divided into many different positive and negative electrodes. Of course, but also with a shell, mr7 place tie clip is a small box made of plastic shell GPS receiver. LOOK! Open the switch connected to the battery after the GPS started working! Been tested, mr7 used 850MAH lithium batteries to the Bluetooth GPS can be a continuous supply of about 8 hours.

4. With the ordinary Bluetooth device, like this DIY Bluetooth GPS must be matched and the SX1 into SX1 Bluetooth menu to find equipment, enter the pairing password (usually "0000" or
"1234") and can be bundled. Step with the pairing a Bluetooth headset is fully consistent, VERY EASY!

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