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DIY picking tools for fruit

Source: Author: Time:2012-01-09
The description is long in a high pick for a small fruit, such as mulberry, loquat and even chestnut like. As long as the two corners with the front-end "fingers" gently hook, fruits along the pipe fell on the other end tied in a plastic bag.

Materials and tools:

A PVC pipe (in your money, vision, hand size, arm strength to the extent permitted, the greater the diameter the better, more able to pick the fruit, the length as long as possible, to pick the higher fruit)
A strong scissors
A knife

The most central part of the picking device is its two "fingers", and first saw the PVB tube with a bevel saw them, angle about 30 degrees. Then use a pencil to draw two "fingers" to.

Then use the scissors along the contour line drawn cut "fingers" to. Not good with scissors, then wire saw is a good choice, just a little slower.

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Cut out of the "finger" may be more rough, then modified with a knife look, smooth the edges of the whole, remove the burr.

Next, bend it to two "fingers", now soft fire roasted them carefully, pay attention to the flame to maintain a certain distance and, ah, do not give burning.

Baked to a certain extent, will arrive on the wall to make them bend. Note: the spacing between two fingers to make sure that you want to pick up the fruit branches, while still soft PVC to make some adjustments when appropriate.

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Then polish the other end of PVC pipe, plastic bags, it is more easily fixed. The principle is simple, is to let it open a little bulge at the bottom. My approach is to roast it first soft, then force a manual juicer arrived in the bowl raised on cooling after the formation of a beautiful hexagonal.

Get! Plastic bag tied at the bottom, so we pick the child go.

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