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DIY ancient quill pen

Source: Author: Time:2009-04-27
Before the invention of modern pens, ancient Chinese calligraphy using a brush, the Europeans make do with a quill pen made of bird feathers. Quill pen from AD 700 inventions, has been using the 1830 steel nib of the pen (which is a kind of dip-pen, we usually use a pen called the fountain pen) in industrial production.

      Quill pen:


pens is the most commonly used goose feathers, it is usually called a quill pen quill. But do not think that only the goose feathers to pens, pens made of swan feathers are very rare and fine writing font is the best crow's feathers, as well as hawks, owls, turkey feathers and so on.

I according to some information in English, trying to copy an ancient European quill. In accordance with the true history of the practice of some kind of restoration of ancient artifacts, is a very complex subject of study, require large amounts of textual research, and involves many disciplines, I here all be a simple, that is, if a mean.

the use of feathers.


This is the Chinese New Year back home Jigen goose feather, from there, kill the goose that's families to come, in the city want to get the thing I am afraid that is not easy. Some pieces have been damaged feathers, and after all country people eat meat at home is to kill the goose that will not intentionally save the feathers. To get products relative to intact goose feather, I am afraid only from living a hard pull on the wings of geese - and goose flesh estimated Nazhi hapless would be more painful.

to-use tools: chisel and a sharp pair of scissors, only the kind of trimmer scissors will not work.


The first thing to get feathers to give feathers skim. Birds have feathers on a thin layer of fat, especially waterfowl, common to see ducks, ah, ah what the goose all right in that sort feathers, is actually going up top coat oil, the role of water. Grease on the feathers will be a long time smelly, so get rid of. I used way is to add the feathers soaked in detergent water, then boiled, and so on smelt unpleasant odor distributed out, fish out the feathers with water to float the net on it. The drawback is that doing so will damage feathers film, the ancient practice is to steam the feathers on the steamer.

fat dry after the feathers, you can use. Ancient said selection criteria feathers, goose the outermost of the five wings, and the left wing of the best. The outer wing feathers the longest, largest and select them easy to understand, so why just wishes to be left wing it?


See figure above the red arrows now is to take the left side of goose feathers on the wings, another one is on the right wing and pay attention to what is the difference between the two. Because most people are right-handed writing, and the left wing on the curvature of the feathers are feathers bias films, the most suitable for right-handed habits. Such as the following diagram:


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