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DIY insect specimen - lantern fly

Source: Author: Time:2009-02-16
Pyrops candelaria    
■ killing of samples collected
Longan chicken with a white waxy secretion found, it is best not to alcohol or hot water soak ways to deal with, that is not cleaning the bathroom.
proposed method:
1. put them in a sealed container suffocated.
2. Fangbing Xiang ri frozen half-hour or so.
3. the alcohol directly injected into their bodies.


■ Material
①. Dealing with a good sample.
②. insect needle (insect pin).
③. specimen label (label).
④. 3 units (pinning block).
⑤. with three sets with a high self-KT plate wings Taiwan.
⑥. KT board
⑦. pressure used in transparent plastic film wing.

■ Pin Position
to insect pin inserted in the thoracodorsal vertical plate (Mesonotum) a central right-hand position, shown in the arrows position. This is the Homoptera insect pin specimens of the right pin position.

the correct pin method can be used to ensure identification of specimens of important to maintain integrity of the site.

■ the use of three sets
first-class high-8mm, second-level high-16mm, third-grade high 24mm, the middle of each level and 5 insects have a needle-sized holes.

1. the highest position is used to determine the location of insects.
2. the middle of a collection used to determine the sign (Locality label) position.
3. the lowest level used to determine the identification sign (Identification label) the location, but also can be used to re-adjust the position of the insect, as shown in Figure in ②.

(the number of tags, the order and so may be due to the specific needs of collectors have more major changes, this problem will find the opportunity to specify.)

■ self-made wings Taiwan KT board
a good insect needle position adjustment after plugging it into the insect with the three sets with a high self-KT plate wings on stage.


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