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DIY whistle by syringe

Source: Author: Time:2009-02-10
purchase syringes at pharmacies to their students prior to use throw away needles (safety reasons). About 7 cents a syringe. Syringes in medical, sanitary and safe, cheap, should choose a relatively elongated injection tube.
Knife (on behalf of students by teachers, cutting, it is easy to do)

Use a knife to cut the bottom of the syringe, syringes also completed the post, the process is very simple, afraid you can not think, but also afraid you did not dare try.

Syringe before and after cutting sample map

Cut a good syringe, you can use the presence of musical instruments and toys. Performance Methods: The lower lip close to the cut exit ramp blowing, sounded after driving inside the syringe piston driven push-pull rod, pitch will change. Their voices high-pitched, sink birds may play a unique musical sound.

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