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DIY japanese style wallet

Source: Author: Time:2009-01-31
Prepare materials: silk yarn and wind Patchwork (exterior surface of the fabric)
cotton fabrics (lining fabric)
purse metal mount (width 12cm)
paper rattan
beads, fishing fishing line

Step 1
will wind Patchwork silk yarn and cotton cloth, cut into small zero-wind fashion appearance and size of the purse, and then from the back of the fabric his Sewing up.

Step 2
sewing finished, the wind silk yarn, sewing Patchwork of its corners under the pressure of about 4cm;, but to put its anti-fold after the cotton sewing corners.

Step 3
wind yarn, silk Patchwork fold.

Step 4
will be completed in cotton, placed on the anti-folded and wind yarn, sewing silk Patchwork, the overlapping suture after the alignment openings.

Step 5
take paper rattan measuring the width of a small zero after the opening of the purse, then cut to extend 2-3cm.


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