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DIY silk sock doll

Source: Author: Time:2008-10-15

1, Material: flesh-colored stockings, elastic, white cotton cloth, gauze (can not), line (Winding), wool (hair use), cotton

2, cotton bunched up into the size of ping-pong
3, with gauze bag tight (you can not gauze)

4, and then stockings bag tight, properly tied with wire. Do not have gauze stockings package can be a two-tier, color, closer to the color, the package when the package look better the more closely the more round.
5, wrap tightly enclosed look

6, the tail cropped, leaving about 0.7-1cm tail
7, ibid method according to Figure 7 Size tricks

8, with a white elastic cotton, according to Figure 8 the size of cutting out the body and arms

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