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DIY rope bracelet

Source: Author: Time:2008-09-16

Prepare materials: all materials used in fixed, 1mm thick lines show the cross.

1, compiled such a hand-rope, with cross lines show more appropriate number of random, but the color must have rules
Article shallow depth -1 - -2 of bright light

2, leaving about 5cm knotted together.
remaining 5cm part of the way to finishing with the braids, and fixed with glue.

Line No. 3,1, No. 1 with a wound on line 2 above, compiled four shape

4, as shown in Figure 1, the following lines from winding up on the 2nd line

5, followed by Figure 4, pull lines, then into the shape of Figure 5. When drawing lines, but do not want to force too much force.

6, repeated the process 3-5. Is actually a line is two back.

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