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DIY stocking flower-lotus flower

Source: Author: Time:2008-08-25

Prepare materials: stockings: Blue Purple 2, Purple 2, light green 2, satin dyed green 2. Wire: 24 # Silver 15, Green 10, 22 # Green 40. Withered skin 2, 3 grass Ophiopogon japonicus, flower 1, oil soil 1. Xi-yu-line a small volume, the green paper tape.

1. wire preparation of materials shown in Figure lotus.

2. To take 24 # silver wire around 15CM, shown folded into petal shapes, the first layer sleeve blue-violet silk stockings, and the second layer of purple stockings set (step from left to right), and so methods of doing six petals.

3. Xi-yu line to the width of three fingers wrapped around 20 laps.

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