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DIY Fashion

DIY hairstyle - meatball ponytail

Source: Author: Time:2009-04-19
Thick oblique Liu innate sense of elegance can be expressed in the most lovely atmosphere, to increase leisure-degree method is not tied to a low Horsetail extract, the formation of the street frequently used meatballs bun cauda equina. Want to increase the sense of gentle camp, slightly fluffy, it will head a small piece of fat-beam fixed to the cauda equina after scraping Punta front side, top of the head can also be stretched a small fluffy facial lines

1. Should first handful of hair forward dish.

2. One after taking a handful of hair bundles tied up with the clutch method cauda equina.

3. With the hair ring around the pony tail around the cauda equina not out when the last lap.

4. Into a hair comb with a pointed tail scraping by on the down-pont.

5. The one to lay down their hair after shaving Peng, hair clip with three balls fixed to the anterior cauda equina.

TIS: taking both sides of the brain tied to pre-auricular points, pulled balls Mawei Princess head, so that the location of the cauda equina to increase the lovely atmosphere of casual

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