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DIY Fashion

DIY hairstyle - Side fringe pigtail

Source: Author: Time:2009-04-19
The key to this year's hair, the former fat part of the fringe could continue but it is certainly the most mainstream of both sides of the huge ramp in the distribution and allocation of thick bangs can all be carried out in a new attempt. Song arbitrary volume degrees simultaneously romantic and being reckless is also presented major focus of this year's hair.


The focus is pretty lively and casual light special. Loose pigtails tied to the side at the top of the head of the pretty sense of manufacturing overhead, in the side of the cauda equina rolled into irregular groups like the hair production is particularly brisk atmosphere. Choose to make a shape the side due to the show lively edge, feeling in full mission-shaped bun girl personality can be expressed in both the MIX taste.

1. in the Hai-tied behind the first bunch of braids and braids pumping pick pull loose.

2. Braids the hair to take a handful of the remaining hair around the beam rotation, with the hair clip fixed

3. At its next to a bunch of loose pigtails loose pigtails tied second beam. Approach with 1,2.

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