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DIY Fashion

DIY wood bead bracelet

Source: Author: Time:2009-02-26

The basic filing into a spherical timber. A lot more than the soft metal timber with a nail file to process is not a difficult thing, but when the filing to ensure that a pre-drill a good hole in the center of beads. With this step we can understand why the first threaded hole drilling begin? Because the beads were re-filed well drilling, then one round bead is not easy to fixed partial drilling of the two is that once can not be amended, then the effort in front of the full fee!


Filed with the sandpaper to smooth polished surface of a good bead. That was a need to be patient abilities.


Sandpaper on label, label larger, such as 2000, more detailed, smaller labels, such as 600 more coarse. First with coarse sandpaper, then successive use of almost fine.


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