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DIY makeup removing lotion

Source: Author: Time:2009-02-17

2) Large beaker into the hot water, the small beaker into a bigger beaker
A hot water used in JMS may feel very strange, emulsifier is a water-emulsion immediately, but the information said emulsifier to 50 degrees in order to integrate with the oil, the average family operation is not easy to do so, so hot water to meet the heating effect, have proved viable
B on water temperature, my own home thermometer measuring less than 45 degrees, and later found that there are also water heater temperature display (water dispenser is), will burn temperature of 70 degrees can be accessed, because the water heater thermometers are often not allowed on the low side, and after taking out heat exchange with the outside world will Lengdiao point, So, just to consume the results might fall short of 50 degrees
C on the water, should be immersed in a small cup Beiyan to a high degree of mixture between the small cup to ensure that heat can be completely wrapped into the water, a mixture of
D after the buoyancy generated by small cup will make a small cup shaking fingers Fu Zhu, do not enter the water Akira

3) a glass rod stirring a few minutes, depending on the full integration can, heated it an easy task
4) Remove the small cup to cup dry cloth body, dripping oil, stirring 2 minutes
A essential oils do not have to add, I easily made with chicken pox and that is just idle tea tree oil on hand, they added to sterilization
B, taking into account Cleansing Oil in the face of a very short stay, with expensive oil major can not

5) The oil poured into the reagent bottle, capped, dark save, use dropper access

4. Summary:
A I was really wordy, come up with a lot, in fact, very simple operation, and they do not hit the water would certainly not fail
B how much with the amount of time with 100ml non - such as run out of certain degenerate
C level of self-emulsifying oil is good, cleanliness is acceptable, but the general flavor

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