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DIY Fashion

DIY makeup removing lotion

Source: Author: Time:2009-02-17
Finished map can be used around January or so

a base oil 30ml (olive oil, sunflower oil, etc. are also optional)
b emulsifiers 3ml (Tween 80)
c oil 10 drops or so (Tea Tree Oil)

Tools: a large beaker; cup test tube brushes, glass rods
b smallest beaker
c reagent bottles (brown, with a dropper and cork)
are not listed: a hot water (about 70 degrees, the large beaker 1 / 3 volume)
b rags, paper towels a number of

A) small beaker into the base oil with dropper trickle emulsifier
A cup full with water and other pre-washed, alcohol, sterilized, and then completely drain, hand and tools should be to keep dry
B base oil and emulsifiers can be seen at this time is not integrated, there are obvious delamination, oil emulsifier in the next

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