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DIY Fashion

DIY hairstyle -short hair

Source: Author: Time:2008-07-26



Step one: first the hair around the upper and lower simply divided into four zones, each with a fixed clamp, the back of the head hair braided with the clamp fixed to the back of the head;


Step two: take the side of the point on the hair spray, hair gel, inward and twist around to the back of the head office before the bun, using clamp fixation;


Step Three: dealing with head, hair, take the middle part of the hair, comb hair down soda and then cover their hair down, comb gently smooth the surface. Finally this part of the hair off, to play Mao's part, sprayed with hair spray, and finally cover it down, fixed;


The final step: to the last side of the hair tucked inward Shun already forming around the bun, and with the card-issuing fixed up.

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