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DIY Fashion

DIY hairstyle -suit for bigface lady

Source: Author: Time:2008-07-20

Step 1, will remain out of the forehead in bangs, and the remaining hair is divided into upper and lower parts, on the part of the hair after combing loosely summed up the North Korea and good together, on both sides with black hair clips securely placed.

Step 2, and then the hair bundles intertwined, upward spirals twist is good, the erection of a fixed black hair clips, and the remaining hair left out can be arbitrary.

Step 3, take the right amount of shaping a mile in the palm of the hand, the next part of the hair a little twist is good, to produce rolls of feel.

Step 4, and finally part of the hair above the dial with your fingers loose, produce the feeling of fluffy, spray on the stereotypes spray produced.

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