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DIY Food
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DIY ice cream

Source: Author: Time:2009-06-07
whipping cream (whipping cream) 250ml; milk 200ml +;
starch, 2 tablespoons; sugar 4 tablespoons (you can increase or decrease according to their own tastes);
pineapple 1 / 4 (can Replace your favorite variety of fruit or cocoa powder, chocolate, green powdered tea, coffee, ... ...) I use Dole pineapple, rather sweet;
raisins random;


1) 200ml milk plus all the starch, stir well, opening a small fire on the gas heating, until the milk into a paste-like. Guan fire, Liang Liang. Proposed to use non-stick, otherwise, Xi Guo will be very painful.

2) whipping cream plus all of the sugar hit six distribution, sugar should be divided into a few more. Bring to six the distribution is the cream will flow, but it can stay in a small tip.

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