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DIY herbal and tortoise jelly

Source: Author: Time:2009-02-15
Ingredients: Guilingji cream powder,

Teach you how to do self-made paste, how to make delicious home-made paste before

Amount and proportion of the bag has made it clear the oh. Stir with a little bit of cold water into a paste, feeling a little water to melt even the combined tune into the following concentrations. Water must not be too much time. Easy to agglomerate.

Water, boil, mix the paste slowly into the paste, so that completely dissolved. (Reportedly washed with water may also be direct, but I have always mixed with non-uniform) above graph the amount of paste powder (20 grams) required to map such a small bowl on the bowl of water. The ratio can bag the light of the instructions on the paste.

Filtration with filter twice.

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