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DIY Food
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DIY chinese food - glutinous rice taro cake

Source: Author: Time:2008-12-04

Materials: water, sugar, taro, red bean paste and glutinous rice flour oil
practice: a taro to pitche into blocks using a pressure cooker cook stand-
; two stayed a little cooler Tokimori out of taro.
3 in bowls of water into the glutinous rice flour, taro and the amount of sugar by adding Wei Liang, water, stirring evenly kneaded wake up 15 minutes
; 4 a good wake up bunched up into one another on a small sub-agents, in which packets into the Dousha Xian. Rub into the round and then flatten
5 pan pour the right amount of oil, put the pie to go with the small fire Jianzhi golden on both sides do.

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