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DIY Food
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DIY bayberry juice

Source: Author: Time:2008-06-12
Material: Fresh Bayberry 500 grams sugar 300 grams

1. To debris, water gently washed (to prevent breaking fruit, juice loss); into the clean pot sweetened pickled. I like to put half the sugar, put half of the honey, I feel a little more healthy.

The water must be preserved.

Small Simmer, with the cook with the stir soup 3 to 5 minutes away from the fire,

remove Offscum

Most of the load clean sterile glass bottles, the seal is good, Liang Liang, into the refrigerator iced. When eating, remove the red bayberry 5 ~ 6, into the glass in, and then pour some of bayberry juice, plus amount of ice or ice water for drinking, ice water, bayberry juice 2-3 times, because I like to drink sweet , and do not like large amounts of sugar, and can more points of ice water.

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