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DIY outdoor - waterproof leg cover

Source: Author: Time:2009-03-03
1, tarpaulin 0.7 yuan (1 yuan / m, 1.5 m wide). I chose the slightly translucent, some thick, so that can also be a little waterproof breathable;
2, sticky paste 2 yuan;
3, elastic with 2 million (width of 1);
4, Reflective Fabric 0.5 yuan (not used);
5, hasp 4 pairs (wire self);
6, manual (it-yourself design, cutting, sewing);
7, steel wire rope ( diameter of 2mm) to connect both sides of the lower leg sleeve hem and the soles are used, because the shop closed New Year's mechanical and electrical equipment are not purchased;
8, has been spending more than 5.2 yuan;

leg sets after the effect of wearing

Leg sets shape of inside and outside

Sets the external details of the leg

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