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DIY handmade knife

Source: Author: Time:2008-12-17
Please Blacksmith Zacheng sheet with the steam hammer, polished by the machine tool, grinding wheel machine out of shape, in a variety of thickness of the whetstone on a little bit of wear out after repeated pondering a change, we become what it is.

Germany produced 718 tool steel, even the scabbard weight 410 grams. Hardness of 46, the blade about 15 cm long, 3.5 cm wide around. Knife handle length 11 cm, welded a piece of stainless steel in the knife handle head, can be used as a hammer energetically beating, smashing, very high levels.

imitation M9 of the Blade, tip at a high intensity, arm strength has been exhausted by hand percussion hammer tip, there is no deformation and no bending, very satisfied.

knife blade thickness 5.5 millimeters, of sufficient strength, feelings do not necessarily need such a thick, after thinning may be more appropriate, 4 mm or so in order to limit human can not be damaged.

Photo A: is the scabbard, with white blades wrapped in a plug on the inside, there is a wire saws disk inside.

  Photo B: is a complete picture of a knife, using abrasive paste polished, so the blade is very bright, in fact can be used as a mirror when you shave. Because of this tool steel is not really rust, the blade can be polished very smooth and enhance the anti-rust capability, you can see clear lines in small scratches because of the angle between a knife in his hands when the very inconspicuous. If the early stage, when the Brothers more careful will not appear in so many scratches. Knife handle with a thin cotton rope wrapped around is good, Sweat-absorbent, friction is good, feel comfortable.

  Photo C: tip, using partial pseudo-edge, cutting edge on a good pick. Blade is straight edge, so that when a good hand-grinding processing, sharpening curved right hand is too cumbersome. The blade is thin, you can grind very sharp.

  Photo D: scraping leg hairs, it is easy to be scraped off; arm of the hairs can be. Satisfied with such a sharp degree, and in fact often do not use it easy to maintain such a Fengrui.

  Photo E: hand-held look, more smoothly and feel good. 

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