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DIY outdoor alcohol heater

Source: Author: Time:2008-12-07
To see a lot of heroes on the Internet works, they strike me hands-on desire, so own hands with cans and shaving cream in cans, cans made an alcohol stove, even the shelves with less than 100 grams. Alcohol use of secondary heating furnace to form a class of quasi-alcohol blowtorch effect. The actual test in the indoor light wind conditions, the use of wind board about 50ml95% of the consumption of alcohol, with 13 points and a half hours to 1 liter of cold water boil at about 18 degrees. Overall the Light Utility (alcohol more readily available), although a long time point (when the wind field will be one more more), but can not use gas cylinders in place, after all, a very good stove.

use of appliances and pot

The stoves use a recent photograph of

Cold water 1 liter times

1 liter of cold water poured into the pot times

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