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DIY torch with waste beer bottle

Source: Author: Time:2011-05-24

I like those lights instead of a torch lighting the scene, although there are yellow smoke, the fire that was beating more than lights bring warmth and comfort to the mind - so, perhaps also a designer and Erik Anderson I like the pictures on his past, so he used a bottle of some awesome DIY garden torch (of course, is like using the same room), you can use the wall bracket, when the power outage, oh, dear , They really have the taste more than the candles ~

value of all the materials used does not exceed 5 million (of course, you get a bottle away to buy alcohol, then it does not include the cost of In which the ... ...), generally looked at, appear inside the hardware store to buy the standard items, the text after the list of all the materials and simple production methods, it is clear you have something to do this weekend, a ~

list of required materials

1, a bottle; 2, Volume 1, with raw materials; 3, a copper top plate; 4, a split ring; 5, a copper coupling; 6, copper cap one, requirements can be covered in copper tubing; 7 Nut two requirements can be shown in rotation in the 9 bolts; 8, the two screws for rotation into the walls, fixed the torch; 9, a bolt, needs, and 7 below the nut and 3,4 Of copper as shown in the top plate and split ring match; 10, a thick cotton thread used as a wick.

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