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How to fold T-shirt within 1 second

Source: Author: Time:2010-03-03
This is a simple tutorial to teach you how to fold your T-shirt
For this tutorial, you will need a T-shirt

step 1Pinches
Step 1, find pinch 1 by drawing an imagination line across the middle of the t-shirt, and find pinch 2 by directly moving up the T-shirt and pinch the T-shirt on the shoulder seam, pinch 2 should be directly above pinch 1.  Pinch 3 is on the same line at the bottom of the shirt.

step 2The folding
Step 2, bring pinch 2 to pinch 3

step 3The flick
Step 3, the flick, bring pinch 1 up and away, and you can put down the t-shirt now

step 4Finish
Step 4, simply create a fold on the T-shirt that is symmetrical with the line between your original two pinches, and you are finished!!

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