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DIY wedding invitation

Source: Author: Time:2009-04-22
Selection of satin texture of the ice-white art paper. Lace wedding dress
theme: lace the stage, crystal curtain, under a perfect wedding show.
for newcomers: Personalized exquisite, the pursuit of perfection, while no lack of innocence of the bride, blooming feminine noble taste.

 Step 1 selection of satin texture of the ice-white art paper, print out the curtain lines, then the choice of inside pages slightly folded green paper, showing a low-key luxury; copy required parties invited to the tone of writing, tactfully and thought-provoking.

Crystal glue stick with a good

Step 2 will be three kinds of specifications carefully the crystal with glue stick according to the location of a good pre-printed.

Dream wedding dress looks like

Step 3 in the shape of cardboard on the carved dress, lace cutting into any desired shape, kept in the cardboard, and the reverse stick is good, produced with the help of the tweezers bow with the crystal decorative details, the simple lines sketched out my dream wedding dress looks like.

Dream wedding dress has been dignified and appeared in the stage of lace

Step 4 to complete finished product! When the dream wedding dress has been dignified and appeared in the stage of lace, crystal curtain is also cross-flashing, just waiting for you to go to this aesthetic and the dream of warming party.

Special Note:
● lace garment accessories can go to market to buy, or directly ask your wedding dress designer to retain the remaining bits and pieces cut, it will be more memorable.
● SWAROVSKI crystal water paste, clothing accessories Street for sale.
● details of the production, non-professionals who want to try to use professional tools such as tweezers, the so-called practice makes perfect, he settled down, tried several times to find out that is not difficult.

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