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DIY furnitures by water pipe

Source: Author: Time:2009-02-25
1, the thickness of straight pipes and three. A dedicated PVC pipes cut-off of pliers, in selling plumbing equipment and plumbing hardware stores have sold more than 30 dollars cheaper, but that is very sharp pliers, cut off the fingers are not careful as easy as cutting tofu , it is not recommended. The use of household, even if only a hacksaw blade can also cut them, just laborious.


2, the tubes according to your own design assembled. This water also has assembled a dedicated tool, is a power welding machines, less than 100 dollars cheaper, but also very dangerous to use. Fortunately, we just get them to do small things, not in place to consider whether the joints tight, will not leak, so no specialized welding. Look at pictures, the author seems to using a hammer, but according to my experience, the joint area, or need to use a roasted roasted. Pipe joints after local soft-baked quickly put straight tube inserted into the three years, and so cold, after the seed had.


3, it is to do a glass coffee table, so support for the glass to be installed on the surface of a soft plastic suction cup.


4, the glass is entered, a coffee table to do the work.


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