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DIY mosaic tray

Source: Author: Time:2009-02-05
The preparation of materials: 1. Wooden pallets
2. White tiles 10mm * 10mm about 200
3. Blue tiles 10mm * 10mmm, 20 posts (depending on personal favorite)
4. Viscose
5. sealant
6. Rubber Version
step 1

Wooden pallets on the first layer of glue on to do at the end. 2. The mosaic according to size, adjusted placed.
step 2

Adjust the gap, the hands pressed flat.
step 3

Want to change color or change the color of place, with art knife cuts at the end of network. 2. The tiles do not talk about wedge.
step 4

Put your favorite color tiles, pressed flat.
step 5

Flatten to complete. 2. On the sealant, the whole plane is covered with pallets to determine the fill each gap. 3. Excess sealant with a damp cloth to wipe the surface clean. 4. Placed dried 36 hours to complete.

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