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DIY paper art-roll paper flower

Source: Author: Time:2008-10-23
In recent years, very popular in foreign countries roll process, rolls Valentine's Day has become a beautiful landscape.

To prepare materials: colored paper (thicker paper easier to roll), knife, ruler, scissors, toothpicks, glue, tweezers.

Few years, went to a friend's house, saw the roll hanging on the wall flower decoration, feels really good read ~
to scroll in the toothpicks and other sharp objects can be completed roll top work, today I would also like to try.

Volume was a little loose, after fixation with glue, suppressing both sides of the above can create the effect.
volume too loose or tight can create many different effects, produce flowers, leaves and other shapes.

See on the diagram, we easily see that each part of the production means, right?

Is too simple right, but the results do come out is very fine.
their entries posted on the wall inside the frame could be compared to any high-level oil painting oh ~
Valentine's Day is coming, to his beloved, he produced a hand-volume production of the flower bar.

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