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DIY denim Slippers by jeans trousers

Source: Author: Time:2008-10-09

The transformation of jeans really do anything ah!
to introduce the following pair of jeans transformed into slippers approach.

Preparation of materials shown in the figure.
slippers lined with cotton can be used to shop in the garment accessories market to buy, or you can use at home to replace the remaining pieces of cloth.
denim pieces Well, the use of a worn pair of jeans on it.

First, we need to do some shoe soles.
a shoe shop the following alignment of cotton, the use of sewing machine sewing look around, there is no sewing machine how to do, can be heavy needle pachytene own sew-in,
though tired point, but imagine doing after coming out of the achievements of feeling tired point of indifference.

We need now some of the top shoes ~
or with the production of shoe soles, like a shoe placed on top of the following elasticity of cotton, the use of sewing machine sewing about the up and down both sides of the trapezoid.
Note that cowboy Unexpectedly, the lateral elasticity of cotton to be heading Oh, because the wait would be upturned.

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