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DIY iron wire lampshade

Source: Author: Time:2008-08-24

The use of wire lampshade making Taiwan the method can be divided into production ring, producing flowers, wire winding of three stages of production time takes about 3 hours. Preferences can make different size according to flower, making Taiwan the world a unique shade. To prepare materials: 30cm ruler, needle nose pliers, slant-nose pliers, 3.5mm wire (thickness is not very important, as long as you can not easily deformed), 2.5mm wire, 2mm wire, light bulbs, power cords, cover cloth or paper.

production process
1, the use of 3.5mm wire making the triangle side length 14cm. Connecting part of the bearing sleeve and heat shrink, you can also use tape glue.

2, ready to 40cm long 3.5mm wire, playing both ends bend.

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