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DIY christmas star and bag

Source: Author: Time:2008-06-10


* Color Ribbon button blankets large printed cloth upholstery needle
 * White scissors cardboard computer / printer filler (synthetic cotton, rags, etc.)

First, we do the pentagonal star decoration

Prints on paper, the size of four inches (1 inch = 2.54 cm), in the transfer to the card on paper, with scissors cut off along the marginal line.

In accordance with the same steps will be colored blankets cut (note the size of blankets cardboard should be slightly larger than about 5 mm or so)

Will cut a good graphics, sewn together with colored thread

The cardboard into the center, on both sides of the blankets, line sewing a corner seam along the other side of the boundary line.

Remain a fill port, will be filled with carefully added to the inside, do not fill too much, a little can muster.

Filled mouth and then sewn with thread, such a decorative five-pointed star to do the work.

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